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Kid Classes

Our kids' classes begin with Circus Tots for ages 5-7 where kids learn ____. For ages 8-13, we offer youth classes where kids get to experience a mix of the aerial apparatuses: Silks, Trapeze, Sling, and Hoop. Beginners should start with a Youth Intro to Aerial Arts session (6-weeks long). Once an intro session is completed and approval is given by the instructor, kids advance to Youth Aerial Arts 1. (Instructor approval is again required to advance to levels 2 and 3.) 

Adult Beginner Classes

Our adult beginner classes are for ages 14+ and focus on giving you the best foundation possible in the aerial arts. Our Intro to Aerial Arts sessions will rotate through Silks, Trapeze, Sling, and Hoop. These apparatuses will help you become a well-rounded aerialist. No prior experience, strength, or ability is required. There are no pre-requisites to begin taking the intro classes. Coaches will work with every participant at their skill level

Adult Classes

Once an adult intro session has been completed and instructor approval granted, students may advance to our individual apparatus adult classes (ages 14+). Our Aerial class offerings include Silks, Hoop & Trapeze, Sling, Duo, Straps.


We also offer ground classes that do not require an intro session, such as Acro, Stacked (handstands), and Strength & Conditioning. Please note, if the class listing includes "Online", the class is offered via Zoom only.

Book a Class

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Book a Private Lesson

Looking to book a private or semi-private lesson with a coach? Send us a message with some info:

  1. Is this your first time or do you have experience?

  2. What day/time are you looking for?

  3. Do you have a coach in mind or can we find the best fit?

  4. What would you like to work on in your lesson?

Private Lesson Rates (60 minutes):

$75 for 1-2 people

$150 for 3-4 people

$250 for 6-10 people ($25 per person over 10)

Thanks for submitting!

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